Rubens Barbosa & Associados (RB&A), a Brazilian consulting firm providing advice and assistance in the areas of business development, investment and trade will transform the way Brazilian companies view business opportunities abroad.

In a globalized world, success in the dynamic and competitive international market place requires strategic advice and professional support.

We offer assistance and consulting services for clients in Brazil and abroad with the aim of successfuly addressing market challenges and making the most of business opportunities.

Our main focus on meeting the needs of our clients, to whom we make available the vast experience in government relations and the negotiation skills, as well as the sophisticated technical expertise and the global perspective offered by an extended network of affiliates in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

We will develop and carry out new ideas and initiatives and seek to view problems and opportunities from a different perspective. RB&A is committed to seeking original solutions for its clients, using the experience of its partners to pursue unique opportunities and solutions not previously considered.

We are associated with Stonebridge International, LLC, a global business strategy firm founded by former US National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger and US Ambassador to Brazil Anthony S. Harrington. The firm help U.S. and other multinational companies shape and execute strategies to solve problems and seize business opportunities worldwide.

A Washington-based firm, Stonebridge has assembled the highest quality team of specialists with deep experience working in key countries in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. This association extends the reach of the professional assistance we will provide to clients, due to Stonebridge´s strong presence in dynamic markets of particular importance to Brazil such as China, India and Russia. Through the Stonebridge association, RB&A can also access top legal and investment banking support.

We have developed partnerships with specialized Brazilian consultants and firms in order to better serve our clients and provide integrated services that include, whenever needed, government relations, legal issues, investment banking and external communications services.
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